Our signature experience! Whether you want the convenience of a driver with your “boat rental,” or you are a novice wakeboarder wanting to step up your game, call Wakepilot. We do much more than take you for a ride in a boat. We combine the best boats available, with instruction from professional coaches to ensure you have a safe, successful experience on the water. Our prices include a coach/driver, Heyday wake/surf boat or one of our two top-of-the-line Super Air Nautique G23s, Hyperlite boards, surfers, vests, and gas in the tank. Note: rates are NOT per person. They are charter rates that get you and your crew the best wakeboard/surf boat available all to yourself. Note: there are no hidden surcharges. Fuel is included in the price! Reservations within 24 hours of departure time must be made by phone.



First class – that’s the G23. Due to demand, Wakepilot is operating TWO G23s for this season. Building upon the dynasty that Nautique created almost a decade ago when the G23 was first introduced, the G23 is the best wakesurf and wakeboard boat ever created. Period. Nautique engineers have taken developmental leaps with the wake and wave shaping capabilities in order to produce this marvel of design and performance. With breathtaking looks and refined amenities, the G23 looks stunning on the water while delivering the best wakesurf wave and wakeboard wakes the world has ever seen.

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Economy Class – Our WT-2 features a roomy L-lounge in the bow and additional seating for up to 11 passengers. In the stern, ‘hot tub’ seats put you closer to the action and offer comfort whether you face forward or aft. Like every Heyday, the WT-2 is designed from the bottom up for wake sports. The special hull shape is designed to displace more water, which means more water pushing the wave and your ride. The unique angled transom adds natural curl to your surf waves for a better surf pocket. This head-turner is also available to rent without coach/driver for experienced boat operators and riders.

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Add a three person tube to any “Wakeboard and Surf Osoyoos” charter. Wakeboards, combo skis, surfers, kneeboards, and even high performance slalom skis are included in the charter but tubes incur a surcharge due to their high replacement cost and increased insurance premium for Wakepilot – worth every penny. We replace them often; the tube size and shape may vary from that shown.

coach to your door

Since 2012 Wakepilot has offered private wakeboarding, surfing, and water-skiing lessons for those who wish to have us come out on their boat. Priced at just $100/hour since the gas and gear are provided by you. 

For those relatively new to towed watersports like wakeboarding and surfing, we also provide instruction on driving techniques, gear set-up, and boating safety. So give us a call and book your lesson with Wakepilot to take your riding to the next level!

Private lessons must be arranged by phone as coach availability may be limited. Give us a call at (250) 495-4195 to book.

Our Hours

Victoria Day to Labour Day
8:00am – 7:00pm

Labour Day to Thanksgiving
9:00am – 5:00pm

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(250) 495-4195

Call anytime.
We are available outside of
regular hours and off-season.

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