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the warmest lake in canada in the hottest town in canada

What is the must-see spot in Osoyoos and what do you recommend avoiding?

Hmm… that is tough to answer. Top of the list for must visit in Osoyoos (besides Wakepilot of course) would be either Spotted Lake or any of the local award winning wineries.

We don’t recommend visiting what has become known as “White Sands” on Osoyoos Indian Band land. First off, it’s OIB land and they haven’t given permission for anyone to trespass there. Second, it’s not a family-friendly vibe most days. We don’t allow Wakepilot vessels to go there.

What is the best time to book my Wakepilot experience?

Well that depends on what you’re asking. Should you book well in advance? Definitely! We sell out of our most popular

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experiences in July and August especially. If you are asking what time of the day is best for watersports, it’s definitely the MORNING! We cannot stress this enough and we tell people all the time – BOOK EARLY IN THE DAY! It gets hot in Osoyoos as soon as the sun comes up and the lake is calmer in the morning – perfect for towed watersports or e-foiling. 

Is there an age limit?

There are no age limits with paddle craft. With motorized rentals, you must possess a driver’s licence to rent a boat
read more…or Sea-Doo. With our “Wakeboard and Surf Osoyoos” watersports charters, we have had guests as young as four and as old as 80 behind the boat. All of our coaches have the skills and experience to help anyone get up successfully. In all cases, you must have a parent or legal guardian sign a waiver and release of liability on your behalf if you are under 19. If you are arriving without apparent or guardian, the waiver that was provided at the time of booking must be completed in advance of your arrival.

Several people have recommended Wakepilot's charters. Do you also rent boats and jet skis?

Yes, we have deck boats, pontoon boats, and personal watercraft from Sea-Doo (often called 

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jet skis although jetski is actually a brand of stand-up personal watercraft made by Kawasaki) to rent. Prices include fuel and life vests. Wakeboards, kneeboards, combo skis and tubes are available to rent. With our signature experience, “Wakeboard and Surf Osoyoos,” you get a driver who is also your coach. These charter packages include wakeboards, water-skis, wakesurf boards, kneeboards (tubes are available with an upcharge) and of course fuel and life vests. If you are new to boating and towed watersports, we strongly suggest availing yourself of our charters. Not only is it the top-rated attraction in Osoyoos, but it is by far the safest and most hassle-free way to enjoy Osoyoos Lake. We also have stand up paddle boards and kayaks to rent too!

How can I see availability and pricing? Do I have to call?

Within 24 hours, please call. Otherwise if you are mainly curious about pricing and availability,  you can select any 

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of the “Book Now” buttons on this website, select your date, then the duration you would like from the green dropdown menu, then the start time. If you complete these three steps and there is no option to book, then we are sold out for that time slot for that experience. The longer you book, the better the deal on the hourly rate so make a day of it! We always happy to take a call from our guests, even after hours. If we don’t answer, it is likely because we are helping a customer. You can always call a different Wakepilot location from the phone menu. 

Some tips you should know


With our "Wakeboard and Surf Osoyoos" charters, we offer pick-ups at these waterfront properties in addition to our three primary locations, Spirit Ridge Beachfront, Desert Sunrise Marina, and Walnut Beach Resort

  • Casa Del Lago
  • Casa Del Mila Oro
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  • Dockhouse by Wakepilot
  • Island View RV Resort
  • La Mirada
  • Luna Rosa
  • Oasis RV Resort
  • Osoyoos Cottages (with a surcharge for transit time)
  • Safari Beach Resort
  • Sole Vita
  • Village on the Lake


Rule of thumb for how much time to reserve

With our charters (and rentals if you’re going to lots of towing), a good rule of thumb is 30 minutes per rider. For example, if you are a family of four and
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only the kids are going to get in the water behind the boat, then an hour is a good place to start. If you are a group of eight friends and everyone is participating, we would suggest four hours. This rule of thumb can be adjusted up or down according to experience level. You may want to allow slightly more time if you are new to towed watersports. Likewise, a group of experienced riders may not need 30 minutes per person. Something to keep in mind is most people want more time not less. There’s nothing we hate more than having to return to the dock for our next group when you are just getting the hang of it!


If you've never been wakeboarding or waterskiing, our charters are the way to do it

There is absolutely no better way to be introduced to towed watersports than in the capable hands of Wakepilot staff. We have the best boats and
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equipment on the lake, but more importantly our staff have the skills and experience to teach every level of rider. If you are thinking of renting boat and teaching the kids to ski or wakeboard with little to no experience yourself, please consider coming out on a Wakepilot charter first. THINK OF THE CHILDREN! Seriously, if you want a safe and hassle-free experience on the water, the decision is obvious. Your chances of succeeding go up exponentially with Wakepilot and you do it in style – in a brand new top-of-the-line wakeboard boat. If you want to head out on the lake with the family, wind in the hair with you at the helm, we can take of that too with one of our rental boats.


Wakeboard before you surf

Surfing is easier than wakeboarding especially with the monster surf waves produced by our SUPRAs, but getting up on a surfer is slightly more difficult

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than on a wakeboard because your feet aren’t strapped in to the wakesurf board. If surfing is your goal, we suggest a wakeboard first, then we’ll move you onto surfing just as soon as you’re proficient at getting up on the wakeboard. The good news is surfing is easy behind our boats. Our SUPRAs are new every year from our sponsor, Martin Motor Sports, and incorporate the latest wave-generating technologies. These wakes are HUGE and easy to ride for all levels and sizes.


Charter rates are not per person

Charters are priced like rentals. The boat is all yours. We will not add guests to your booking. The number of participants/passengers is limited only by
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vessel capacity so bring the whole gang even if they just want to watch! Unlike most marina/rental agencies, our rates also include fuel. Compare our rates to similar offerings in Kelowna and our rates are $100 less per hour AND include fuel (theirs don’t) AND coach/driver (theirs don’t).

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Our Locations

Spirit Ridge Beachfront
(in Nk’Mip RV Park)
8000 45 Street
Osoyoos, BC

Desert Sunrise Marina
8215 Spartan Drive
Osoyoos, BC

Walnut Beach Resort
4200 Lakeshore Drive
Osoyoos, BC

Our Hours

Good Friday to Victoria Day weekend by appointment

Victoria Day to Labour Day
9:00am – 7:00pm
(Charters available from 8:00)

Labour Day to Thanksgiving
9:00am – 5:00pm

Our Number

(250) 495-4195

Call or text anytime.
We are available outside of
regular hours and off-season.

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