E-Foil Rentals

NO WIND, no WAVES, no problem

We could not be more pleased to partner with MSLR out of Kelowna, one of the world leaders in this emerging technology. Support the home team AND tread lightly on the environment while you experience the latest craze in powered watersports. You’ve seen them on social media and wondered what it was… a flying surfboard? Yep, pretty much. E-foils are basically surfboards with a mast and wing (hydrofoil) that generates lift as the electric motor pushes the foil forward. With a top speed of 40 km/h, you will literally be flying above the water. Electric foils combine the torque and longevity of a lithium battery with the efficiency of a hydrofoil to give you up about an hour of flight time.! No need for wind, waves, or fossil fuels.



Q. Is it difficult to learn?

A. It’s about as challenging as other watersports like surfing. You will need a few flights with an instructor before going solo.

Q. Why is instruction only available in the morning?

A. It’s easiest to learn on calm water. The earlier you go, the better. This is true of all towed watersports. 

Q. If it doesn’t burn gas, why is a flight with instructor almost $300?

A. Lessons last over an hour but can last up to two hours depending on how fast you learn and how fast you go and require a coach to follow on a Sea-Doo. The e-foil is made of carbon fibre and costs as much as the Sea-Doo does! The lithium battery does eventually wear out and need replacement. All this combined with insurance cost and this becomes a loss leader for us. However, this is too fun not to share and there is no “greener” way to have this much fun other than wind powered craft. And we’re supporting a local business (MSLR) while doing it!








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