Meet The Crew at Wakepilot


Wakeboarded since the sport was invented. That’s over twenty-five years of experience on the water. He’s a certified coach with fifteen years coaching experience and still pushes his riding despite being in his declining years.

Rob is passionate about Osoyoos both as a resident and business owner. He serves as Board Member of Destination Osoyoos and the Osoyoos Airport Development Society. In his downtime, he likes to relax by flying the Boeing 787 for Air Canada.


MIKE FISETTE – HEAD COACH, NCCP Certified and National Competitor

Mike is another prairie boy who brings his skills to sunny Osoyoos. Mike is on the Canadian National Wakeboard Team which has taken him to contests in locales all over the world like Europe and Asia. His travels have provided the opportunity to connect with some great people with a passion for the sport. Mike was the Canadian National champion for 2014. Between contests he has found time to join the Wakepilot crew. Don’t miss the chance to learn from one of the best in Canada. Mike also played AAA hockey in Manitoba and also coaches snowboarding in the off season. He also enjoys kiteboarding, playing guitar, and skateboarding.


TAYLOR FIESEL – ASST. COACH, NCCP Certified and National Competitor

NCCP certified coach, Taylor was recruited by our Head Coach, Mike Fisette. They met riding in competitions and became good friends during a trip to Asia. Taylor joins us after previously coaching with Waterski Wakeboard Saskatchewan. Taylor is on the Saskatchewan Elite Wakeboard team and hopes to be placed on the national team one day. Wakeboarding has allowed Taylor to travel extensively and meet many outstanding people. He competes at the national level where he hopes to one day crack the top of the podium. Outside of wakeboarding, Taylor enjoys all sports especially hockey. Taylor played a few games of Junior A hockey before committing to his studies. He now takes Engineering at the University of Regina in the off season.



A UK certified waterski and wakeboard coach, Barry joined us from his home,  Loch Lomond, in Scotland. Wakeboarding in the summer and snowboarding in the winter has been top of the list for him the last few seasons. Snowboarding has taken him around North America and Europe but he loves wakeboarding in sunny Osoyoos away from the cold water of Loch Lomond.





NCCP certified coach, Will was recruited by his cousin and Wakepilot Head Coach, Mike Fisette. A SoCal native from Thousand Oaks California, Will fled the stupidity and mayhem that was the 2016 U.S. election for the relative peace and calm of the Osoyoos summer. Will was known for his quick smile and impeccable manners. He was frequently heard calling Owner and GM Rob, “sir,” which made Rob feel even older than he is.


richbRichard “Tricky Dick” Baadsvik – 2014-2015 Seasons

Rich was first noticed by the Wakepilot crew when he competed and won at Wakepilot’s Livewater Double-Up Contest in 2013. We invited him back the next year and never disappointed with huge tricks and laid back style. Rich was respected for his great work ethic and frequently mocked for his crappy taste in music – country.




Paul was recruited by friend and Wakepilot Coach Richard “Tricky Dick” Baadsvik. Appreciated for his work ethic as much as for his explosive riding, he a was a favourite with staff and guests alike. After spending a bit of time here, Paul loved Osoyoos so much he bought a home on the water where he spends as much time as he can. Paul is a journeyman plumber by trade and is back laying pipe full time.



We recruited Trav after he came out early in the season and he impressed with his easy-going demeanour and quick smile. He accepted a job offer, returned to Winnipeg and packed up the Taurus Wagon, never looking back.




We recruited Sim in 2008 from just outside Melbourne, Australia. For four seasons he coached full-time for Wakepilot, becoming a favourite with our guests and the town of Osoyoos as a whole. In 2012 he moved to Whistler where he guided back country tours on sleds and ATVs. After two years, he returned to Wakepilot to coach full time for the 2014 season.




We first met Cole at the age of ten when he came out with Wakepilot to learn a tantrum. Throughout his youth he excelled at hockey and lacrosse. He spends his summers on the water in Osoyoos so it was only a matter of time before we found each other. He moved on at the end of the 2013 season to follow more serious pursuits. Cole now sells boats and other high end toys for Martin Motor Sports in West Edmonton.



Tristan has been passionate about the sports of wakeboarding and water-skiing his entire life. Originally hailing from Calgary, Alberta, Tristan has traveled to coach at premium waterski and wakeboard schools for several summers. He spent the summer of 2013 providing expert instruction for Wakepilot before moving onto a coaching position closer to home at Sylvan Wake in 2014.




Officially from White Rock, Gavin spent his summers in Osoyoos on the water. After years of watching him throw huge tricks in front of our place, we chased him down and offered him the chance to share his knowledge. He eagerly accepted and spent the next two seasons as one of our most popular coaches. Like Cole, Gav is another phenomenal hockey player. He left Wakepilot at the end of the 2012 season to continue his studies at UBC-O and is now working for Molson Coors in Nelson, BC.


regan tag


Wakepilot is in large part the success that it is because of the foundation laid by our first full-time coach, Regan. The idea for the school was one that came about as Regan and Rob talked about the sport over a coffee, thinking of ways of bringing quality instruction and quality gear to Osoyoos. Later that year (2004), we launched the school with a single Moomba Mobius. Regan was at the helm most days and word of his friendly coaching style spread throughout the valley and beyond. Regan still lives in Osoyoos and works as a journeyman carpenter.